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Quality & Safe Tree Removal All Brisbane Areas

Advanced Arboriculture provides professional tree removal service, free tree removal quotes and basic assessment to all areas of Brisbane. Call Now 0420985895.


At Advanced Arboriculture we are not your average tree loppers we are fully trained professional Arborist ( Tree surgeons) with the right equipment for any tree removal job. We have decades of experience and training in tree removal and tree felling. With our knowledge, the right tools and equipment we can have your tree removal done safety and efficiently.  Our arborist will have your tree climbed, cut, rigged, lowered and removed using professional harnesses, ropes, lowering equipment, chainsaws and our ground staff . Keeping you and your property out of harms way. 

No tree is to large or small from a large gum over the house to that small shrub in the front yard, we can do it all. 

We use the highest quality climbing ropes, rigging lines and climbing gear available to get your tree removal done safely and efficiently.

We are also very experienced in ground based tree felling. Efficiently and safely removing dangerous trees that cannot be climbed or felling trees whole where space permits.

After a tree removal we remove all tree debris from site via chipping or large truck but can fell and leave trees on site where requested. After debris is removed we do a thorough clean up and blow down leaving the area clean as possible. 


We like to recycle timbers as much as possible, milling timbers for furniture and feature pieces. Also using branches for reptile enclosures throughout Brisbane.


There areWe also know and follow council regulations. We know the right steps to take to see if your tree/s are protected. As unlawful removal could cost you thousands in fines and law costs.

The removal of a tree can be an important decision. Trees can take years, even centuries or millennia to grow and have a significant importance in our urban environment. Not only do they provide aesthetics, shade, screening, character and beauty. They also provide us with oxygen to breath, food and habitats for wild life and make up a huge part of the local ecosystem. Their root systems are also host million even trillions of micro organisms and soil mycorrhizae that are vital for our existence.


We can help with all aspects of your tree removal by starting with making an informed decision on the condition or position of your trees before removal. Going through possible alternatives to full removal if you wish.


Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you think your tree needs removal we will help you make the right decision, considering many factors and talk over the best possible out come for yourself and your tree.







































Factors to consider in tree removal include:


Unsuitable tree: When a particular species is not suited to the space grown in and its surroundings. It may be causing damage to it surroundings or posing a safety issue in one way or another or to may be to large, not providing adequate screening, constantly invading view, dropping large fruit or damaging infrastructure with tree roots. There are also many trees in the Brisbane area that are considered weed species should be removed to protect our ecology. We can help you identify weeds or an unsuitable species and remove the tree.


Unsafe tree: When the tree is potentially hazardous to people or property. This could mean the tree is structurally compromised or in a bad state of health. It may be dropping large branches or deadwood.  If you are unsure about the safety of your tree have us come out provide a tree assessment.


Tree health: Your tree may be in decline, dyeing, have serve deficiency, stressed, have a pest or disease, possum damage, soil compaction, construction damage . We can look at options such as remediation programs. However depending on the circumstance it may require tree removal.


Tree Location: The tree maybe located close to infrastructure or new building works. Or it may be of best interest to have the tree removed to prevent damage to proposed works prior to a building development. It may be a tree removal for new build. It may be a tree over a pool, to close to fence or on the roof of a high rise. 


Trees and personal safety issues: The tree may be the source of allergies, have poisonous properties or be dropping debris.  We can help assess you tree to see if it is the cause of allergies.


Storm damage tree: A tree may be damaged in strong winds or by lighting. It is common for a tree root plate to become loose in the ground after a storm, winds and heavy rain and then require full removal. During a storm a tree may have lost many branches or failed completely and require removal.


A sad day, this 300-400 year old Larch located in Djurgården, Stockholm was struck by lightening. Being in a high risk area with lots of pedestrian traffic it had to be removed.

Brisbane council  and tree removal
Can i remove my tree without council permission?
This is a common question asked to us. 
Tree removal is permitted without a permit as long as ;
• The whole trunk is located within 3 metres  of any lawfully constructed occupied dwelling on a property less than or equal to 4000m2 in area.
The whole trunk is located within 6 metres  of any lawfully constructed occupied dwelling on a property greater than 4000m2 in area
This does not apply to all vegetation and some vegetation may still be protected.
It may also be protected under a seperate state heritage act.
We suggest to call your local council to determine if you have any protected vegetation prior to cutting.
Below is a link to Brisbane city councils Permit exemptions for protected vegetation.

Saftey First

Please do not attempt to remove a tree your self. It is better leave it to a trained professional, sure you may be physically able use a chain saw or pruning saw on the ground but in a tree is logistically a whole new story. It takes training , experience and the right equipment to fell a tree safely. There are so many injuries and deaths cause by untrained people trying to remove trees. We don't like to hear it but being in the industry we hear about it all the time. Next time you try to do it your self remember chainsaw cuts are not pretty. A tree could go the wrong way. Branches can be heaver than they look and can crush or pin you. And never ever attempt using a ladder to do tree works, just youtube failed tree removal and the majority is people are on ladders. 


Fail!!                                                               Fail!!
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