The most sustainable furniture in Brisbane. 

We like it local and as sustainable as possible.

All our products are made from the trees that have been removed by us. The timber has been milled onsite, dried, cut and crafted by hand. This keeps the milage for our timber low, uses otherwise wasted resources, develops a history for each piece and creates some amazing one of items.


Our designs are all our own and usually come organically from working with the raw timber although we are happy to tailor a design to your needs. 

Each items comes with a short history of the tree, why it was removed and location.


All our furniture is finished with our own blend of on site native bees wax, organic bees wax and organic oils.

Watch this space

We don't like waste! If you have a interest in timber slabs and rounds for bench tops, wood working, cutting boards or what ever projects you may have please feel free to email us in advanced at  



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