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Brisbane's Youngest tree inspector.

Meet my son Tucker Rue Lamborne. Named after the Tuckeroo Tree (Cupaniopsis anacardioides) a beautiful native tree endemic to our Eastern QLD and the herb Rue. Tucker, 6 months old from Holland Park loves inspecting trees. Inspecting trees is just about his favourite thing. From a young age kicking, smiling and ooowh..ing with wide eyes soon as went under a tree. Tucker's favourite tree is currently the Poinciana but loves all trees. His current staff role as trainee tree inspector is taking him big places parks, reserves, forests and more. Tucker as seen in the picture inspecting a Lillypilly for edibility is also studying edibility of certain species as an alternative food source to breastmilk and he rates the Lilly pilly 7/10. Floral aroma, slight apple notes, with pepper tones, sweet soft palate.

Tucker, set to be Brisbane's best tree inspector of 2025 is hard at work learning about the trees around us and the environment.

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Tucker Rue Lamborne Inspecting Lilly pilly for edibility.



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