About Us

The story of Advanced Arboriculture

I'm Blake the Owner/Operator of Advanced Arboriculture. I've always had a passion for trees & the environment, and started in the horticulture industry as a landscaper in 2006. Whilst landscaping, I had an opportunity to try arboriculture and from the first moment my feet left the ground, I was in love with trees and tree climbing! ❤️🌳


I went on to complete Certificate IV in Arboriculture and started working full-time in the tree industy, for many companies all over Australia and the world.

However my personal tree business grew until it became the focus of my attention and Advanced Arboriculture was born.

Since then we have grown and are proud to be located in Brisbane as a sustainable tree removal and tree care service.


Excellence, Professionalism and Sustainability

Advanced Arboriculture has a reputation for high quality/ environmentally friendly tree works where finesse, arboricultural skills and knowledge provide an holistic approach to your trees.


I only employee the highest of quality arborist  to work for us. And keep close eye on all jobs undertaken. This ensures all work is kept to a high standard , safety is priority and your property is kept safe and undamaged.


We take pride in our no lopping policy and pruning to high quality standards we reduce the stress on trees thus controlling the amount of  regrowth which means less frequent pruning and dollars saved for you.


We also do tree removals, we can do removals from the smallest to the biggest trees around.


We have done tree works for many high class resorts and properties in Australia, as well as work aboard.


We specialise in high quality work for private house hold where attention to detail is a must.

We also have many other businesses using our tree services from real estates, body corporate and landscapers to builders and developers.  

Advanced Arboriculture also does as large/small garden restorations, dangerous tree removals, large tree felling and tree care programs.

Sustainability ! 

We recycle as much of the trees removed as possible. Milling timbers for furniture(made by us) and for timber slab re-sale. We use logs to make compost or fire wood. We also hand make other timber and bamboo products soon to be available from our website.


Insured and Guaranteed

We are fully insured with a 20 million dollar policy for your peace of mind. We guarantee all our work is up your standard, insuring all our customers are happy with the work carried out before leaving the site.

Accepted payment methods

We accept on site payment methods of Cash, Visa, MasterCard and American express (Surcharge of 2% will be charged for all card payments).

Eft transfer can also be arranged if requested prior to works. If paying via EFT we require full payment prior to job start. 

All payments must be received within 5 business days of invoice/job completion or agreed date.  10% of total cost will be added for each 5 business days over due. 

We hold the right to request part or full payment of a invoice as deposit prior to commencement of works. In most cases this is applicable where there are third party contractors and products involved.


If your job needs to be cancelled or rescheduled that is no problem.

However once a booking for your works has been made a cancelation fee may be charged.

For cancellations we require that a minimum of 48 hrs notice is to be given to us in advance of scheduled time of work, or the full job cost may be charged as a cancellation fee with no obligation to complete works. 

For job rescheduling, we require a minimum of 24 hrs notice to be given to us in advance of scheduled time of works, a full job cost payment will be required in full immediately, in advance of works and a minimum fee of  ($310) call out will also be added to cost.

In situations where contractors and products are involved you may be required to pay the full cost of products and contractors in addition to our cancelation fees.


Thank you for understanding that we are a small business and that last minute changes to your booking could leave us down on our limited availability and out of pocket with machinery hire costs.

Underground Works Policy

We are not responsible for any underground services. Should any underground services get damaged during works, the client will be liable for costs.

Unless a direct diagram of services has been provided to Advanced Arboriculture.

Adjustment to quote price

We reserve the right to adjust the quoted price at any time.

There are many variables in nature and in trees, some unforeseen. Some only seen once the job has commenced, once climbed or nearing completion which may cause the job to run overtime. We do our best when quoting to avoid this, however on rare occasions this may happen.  In these circumstances we reserve the right to charge the minimum hourly rate on top of our original quoted price. Thanks for understanding.


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